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Summer Learning Tips: August 11-15

It is Week 9 of the PBS KIDS Summer Learning Project and we will looking back at some of the summer highlights. Here are the learning tips for this week:

August 11 - Let’s do it again!
Today, have your child pick something he/she did this summer he/she would like to do again. Whether it was a trip to the museum or zoo, reading a favorite book, or building a tower from blocks, some things are worth doing again. Discuss why this activity was fun.

August 12 - Now’s a great time to look back at the summer reading list.
Talk with your child about the books he/she read. Did he/she have any favorites? What did he/she like best about them? Which were his/her favorite characters? Why? Review plot, main characters, setting, cause and effect.

August 13 - It’s Wacky Wednesday!
Why not share some amusing stories from your childhood with your kids? Kids love to hear about when their parents were little, and you can compare funny stories.

August 14 - Review your Summer Book!
Today, you and your child can pull out your “Summer Book” to see which things you did this summer. If you didn’t create a summer book, you can start a scrapbook or memory book of your own now. If you would like to know more about scrapbooking, watch this fun video from PBS:

August 15 - Back to School!
Next week, we start looking ahead to going back to school. Is your child starting at a new school or in a new class this year? Talk with about favorite things from last year and what might be in store this year.