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Board Members

Board Members

Commonwealth Public Broadcasting Corporate Board of Directors: FY14

  • Richard A. Arenstein – President, Arenstein and Associates
  • Cynthia V. Bailey – Attorney at Law
  • Michael Bisceglia – President and Co-Founder, Stauer Watch and Jewelry Company
  • Elizabeth E. Appel Blue – VCU Adjunct Faculty, Department of Health Administration
  • Suzette Denslow – Chief of Staff, Office of the Mayor
  • Reginald E. Gordon – CEO at American Red Cross
  • Mr. David Gould – Psychiatrist, Tucker Psychiatric
  • James P. Holden – Philanthropist, Community Member
  • William A. Pusey – Director, Paul H. Pusey Foundation
  • Todd M. Stansbury – Attorney, Wiley, Rein
  • A. Curtis Monk (Ex-Officio) – President & CEO, Commonwealth Public Broadcasting

Board and Corporate Officers: FY14

  • Cynthia Bailey, Chair of the Board
  • Michael Bisceglia, Vice Chair
  • A. Curtis Monk, President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Fred Thomas, President and CEO, MHz Networks
  • Bill Miller, Vice President, Radio, and Secretary to the Board
  • John Felton, Vice President, Programming, Community Idea Stations
  • Pat Gregory, Vice President, Information Technology, Community Idea Stations
  • Mark Spiller, Vice President, Engineering, Community Idea Stations
  • Lisa Tait, Vice President, Development, Community Idea Stations

The Community Idea Stations are served by two Community Station Boards, one for television and one for radio. They consist of volunteers that represent the communities served by those media.

WCVE Public Radio Community Station Board: FY14

  • Patricia B. Bernal, Richmond VA
  • Paul R. Gilding, Richmond VA
  • Karen Inman, Richmond VA
  • David G. Kirkpatrick, Heathsville VA
  • Jayne McQuade, Heathsville VA
  • Deborah Orr, Manakin Sabot VA
  • Sharon Larkins-Pederson, Richmond VA
  • Derek Redmond, Midlothian VA
  • Paul Spencer, Glen Allen VA
  • Paul Vecchione, Henrico VA

WCVE PBS | WHTJ PBS Community Station Board: FY14

  • Richard D. Crawford, Charlottesville VA
  • John Gardner, Charlottesville VA
  • Patty Kruszewski, Richmond VA
  • Deane Parker, Afton, VA
  • Edson S. Pederson, Richmond VA
  • David Selig, Richmond VA
  • Lisa Zajur, Richmond VA