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Alzheimer’s: The Caregiver’s Perspective

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From diagnosis to saying the long goodbye, caregivers share their diverse experiences of caring for loved ones in the world of dementia. Alzheimer’s is more than memory loss; it affects many generations and is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States. Teepa Snow, Loretta Veney, Bob Schaefer and many more explain how they creatively navigate the frustrations, sorrows and complications of caring for a loved one who can no longer function safely on their own.

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Alzheimer’s: The Caregiver’s Perspective Radio Series
88.9 WCVE presents special radio stories that will air on Thursdays, October 20th through November 17th, during NPR’s Morning Edition and NPR’s All Things Considered.

This series is comprised of five feature stories. Click on the links below to read the transcripts:

The Community Idea Stations goes beyond our broadcasts with events and activities in the community.

SciencePub RVA: The Quest to Conquer Alzheimer’s Disease (This event took place on November 30, 2016)
SciencePub RVA hosted Dr. George S. Bloom of the University of Virginia, who spoke about Alzheimer’s research including obstacles, current research happening at UVA and the path to creating effective treatments.

Refresh, Refuel and Retool: A Workshop for Family Caregivers (This event took place on November 17, 2016)
This very special workshop was designed to educate and encourage caregivers with information and hands on learning opportunities.
Alzheimer's Caregiver's Workshop: Resources PDF

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From Facebook: Karen Garner and Robert Schaefer talk about their experiences caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's with WCVE PBS’ Mason Mills, producer of the documentary Alzheimer’s: The Caregiver’s Perspective.

Watch The Facebook Video Here.