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A look at the brain's wiring can often reveal whether a person has trouble staying focused, and even whether they have attention...
Tickets are now available for the Final Downton Abbey Preview Celebration! DATE: Saturday January 2, 2016 VENUE: Altria Theater...
Collectors have long searched through dusty record bins for an obscure soul album by the group Edge of Daybreak. Newly re-issued...

News from WCVE and NPR

State officials are working on bills ahead of the 2016 General Assembly session. State Senator Barbara Favola is trying to gain traction for a gun control measure.

Favola says she is planning to re-introduce a similar bill in the upcoming General Assembly.

Last winter, Senator Favola patroned SB 943 which would’ve temporarily restricted certain convicts’ access to guns.


We hope you will join us this Saturday night (11/28/15) at 11:00 p.m. on Time for the Blues as Henry and I bring our own unique spin to the Thanksgiving Holiday, the annual “Hot Leftovers” show.

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Science Matters

Every November millions of Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. Since we are obviously big fans of science and math, this is a great opportunity to look at some of the numbers behind the big holiday.